Sunday, 25 April 2010

New Blog!

At school I had two main subjects I loved doing (and ended up doing at A-level); Biology, and English Literature. A bit of an odd mix maybe, but I loved both of them far too much to drop one and commit to just-science, or just-english. When it came to university, I spent several agonising months trying to decide which one to go for, eventually deciding that a career in science would be more interesting, more fulfilling, and more likely to actually get me a job.

But I miss literature, I've missed it for the last four years. I've missed studying it, discussing it, interpreting it. I've missed poetry and Shakespeare and those weird edgy short stories that are dotted around in 'modern' literature. I've missed following a thread of symbolism right through a story, drawing out character arcs, teasing apart themes, enjoying the sounds of words and what those sounds can represent.

I've missed reading. Reading things that I didn't have to pretend were true.

So I decided to start another blog, for the Book Worm side of the Lab Rat. Here I will write about Shakespeare and Keats and probably even Terry Pratchett occasionally. There won't be any of my own stories, but there will be lots of other peoples. I may occasionally take a look at a film, if it's symbolic enough. I'm not sure who will read this blog, but I am certainly looking forward to writing it!

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